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From the outside, flipping a house looks easy. If you watch one of the many programs on rehabbing and flipping it makes it look like every property is a winner. The reality is that if you don’t know what you are doing you can, and will, be disappointed in your results. This is the part that you […]

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There is no right or wrong way to invest in real estate. There are several different paths and strategies you can follow based on your target area and your individual goals. When most people think of real estate investing they immediately think of rehabs and quick flips.  While this is certainly a viable option it is only one […]

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The best real estate investors understand the importance of a keeping a full pipeline. Closing a deal today is great only if you can find ways to build on that momentum.  In almost any market there are motivated sellers.  The key is to constantly strive for ways to find them. One of the misconceptions in […]

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I've been working with Make Your Mark, LLC for several years. In this fast paced market it is imperative to be accessible, decisive and reasonable. This group is all that and more. We have been able to see properties in a timely manner and put together clear, concise offers for presentation. The quality of the rehab work has been outstanding with a real time grasp of what consumers are looking for.  This is a first class company to work with.”

Amy M. - Berkshire Hathaway

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